Has been a good summer

So far, I have 25 nights under the stars, and October is one of my favorite months for backpacking.   With rain in the immediate forecast, I think I shall work on a few gear making projects:  Tarp, hammock build, ridgeline organizers, etc.    Hopefully, I shall be able to get up some pics, video and just some general gabbing.  I do have a couple of rant videos to post; you know “the what the heck were you thinking when you left this garbage” videos.


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I have several videos on my cook kits, dog packs, hammock set ups, underquilt review, Amsteel dog leash and a few trip videos.

I also have a giveaway on my Facebook page. The giveaway is for a knife.  I will random draw a winner after receiving 25 likes on the page. There are a couple of pics of the knife.



Dolly Sods Ramble, May 8/9.

Took a nice backpack trip in the Dolly Sods North Wilderness area.  Days in the 70’s and humid.  The night was comfortable, in the 40’s.  Beautiful hike on day via the Bear Rock Trail to Raven Ridge Trail and then cutting off onto the Beaver View Trail to Dobbin Grade Trail.  headed westerly on the Dobbin Grade Trail to a nice campsite in the spruces just a short way from the Left Fork of Red Creek. Wonderful night!  Critters heard:  night hawks, lots of spring peepers and other frogs, beavers slapping their tails on the pond, an owl, geese, ducks, red squirrels. Had a leisurely breakfast the next morning.  Packed up and headed on up Dobbin Grade Trail to Rocky Ridge Trail (AKA Cabin Mtn Trail) and headed towards Raven Ridge Trail and then backtracked to the Jeep on Bear Rocks Trail.  Very beautiful walk.  Weather was just about perfect.  Trail conditions were very good;  not muddy, trails clear of trees, bushes, etc., stream crossings good.  Trails in this area are well marked and easy to follow.  Not a lot of elevation change for this loop.  This would be a great route to take a beginning hiker on.

Remember: LEAVE NO TRACE.  No one wants to see trash in fire rings and food wrappers left in campsites can lead to bear and other critter problems at these sites.  Keep a clean camp and save a bear’s life.

Latest Appalachian Trail Backpack Trip

Joined a friend for a 2 night backpack trip on the AT.  We hiked from US route 30 at Caledonia State Park in PA and hiked south to Penmar.

Day 1 we drove up from North-central WV and situated our 2 vehicles;  mine and Penmar Park and my friend’s at US 30.  We got on the AT at 11:10 am.  At 1:00 we went down, and I do mean down, to the spring at the Rocky Mtn Shelters.  The shelters are pretty decent.  Each sleeps 4 people.  There is adequate camping, with some behind the shelters and the better sights below the shelter on the path to the spring.  Best hammock camping is probably below the shelter, to the left in some pines.  The spring could use a bit of work, but was decent.  The rest of the hike to Tumbling Run Shelters was uneventful, except for the knee-pounding down to the shelters.   We arrived at Tumbling Run just after 5:00 pm. We hit the spring and then went over to the group camping area to hang our hammocks.  Dinner was well earned.  During the night, we listened to whip-poor-wills, which was sweet!  We had pretty much a full moon.  Mileage for the day was around 10 1/2 including the 1 mile round trip water run.

Day 2:  We had a leasurely morning at camp and then got on trail at 0900.  We hit the Old Forge picnic area a short time later.  I got a bit of water and discarded some garbage in the cans.  We passed the Antietam shelter area.  This shelter is old, but nice.  There was plenty of camping and places to hang a hammock. Get water at the picnic area, ’cause Antietam creek has agricultural run off in it.

We arrive at the Deer Lick Shelters around noon.  We then spent the rest of the day exploring around the shelter/camp area.  We had a very nice evening fire and hit our hammocks just after dark. Once again, we listened to whip-poor-wills and enjoyed the full moon.  This day was a very relaxing 4.8 miles.

Day 3:  We left our campsite around 0830 and headed to Penmar.  This section has a few crappy climbs just after crossing PA 19 with the last 1/4 mile or so up to Penmar Road being very steep.  We arrived at my Jeep just before 11:00. This day’s mileage was around 4.5 miles.  On the way back to Caledonia to pick up the other vehicle, we decided to hit Waynesburo, PA for lunch.  Burgers and fries, MMGood.  At Caledonia, we said our good byes and headed home.  I stopped for gas at the Rutters Gas station.  Nicer than Sheetz!  The drive home was pretty uneventful.  I have hiked this section before.  It does not have a lot of the spectacular views, but the trail itself is pretty.  I will go over my gear selections in another post and should put up some photos and some video later too.

Resurrection of my blog

Have not posted for a LONG time!  Will try to get this baby back up and burping.

Lordy, I have not posted for ages.

As a good friend of mine once said:  “Making a living gets in the way of life”. Boy was he right!  Where to start to update this page.

In 2012 and 2013 I managed 22 and 20 nights under the stars, respectively.  In 2012, my friend Rumble and I hiked a section of the AT from Caledonia State Park south to Harpers Ferry.  The weather was perfect!  We did not hike the AT this past year.  In 2012, I hiked several hikes with some wonderful people I met through Hammockforums.net.  The nicest folks you would ever want to meet.  In 2013, it was mostly just my dog Ivy and I.  I did hike a couple of times with my friend Fred and a couple time with Rumble. 

I made it to the Fall MAHHA (stands for Mid-Atlantic Hammock Hangers Association).  I was obligated to go, since it was being held at Watoga State Park here is the beautiful state of West Virginia.  I had the most wonderful time and met some totally awesome people!

Well, signing off for tonight.

Bear canisters required on part of the AT in GA

Below is a release from the ATC regarding requirement of bear canisters for part of the AT in GA:



Bear canisters required for camping between Jarrard Gap and Neel Gap
A new U.S. Forest Service rule requires approved bear-resistant storage containers for overnight camping on a 5-mile stretch of the A.T. in the Chattahoochee National Forest between Jarrard Gap and Neel Gap, between March 1 and June 1. This stretch is located between points 26.7 and 31.7 miles north of the southern terminus of the A.T. at Springer Moutain, Georgia, and includes Woods Hole Shelter, Slaughter Creek Campsite, and Blood Mountain Shelter. “Bear canisters” should be used to store food, food containers, garbage and toiletries.

Donate to Water Monkey’s H3 initiative!

Raul Perez; aka Water Monkey (www.watermonkey.net) is once again doing his charity hike.  This year he is planning a 100 mile hike for charity.  The link to his charity page is:



The 3 charities he is hiking for this year are:  strength for life; the Appalachian Trail Conservancy and the Alzheimer’s Foundation.

His goal this year is $3000.  Donate what you can to help him out.  $10 donation gets you a chance in his raffle and supports 3 great charities!

Definitely visit his donation page for more info on the hike and to make a donation; then just tool around on his site.  He is funny, He wears a kilt, oh, and you just might learn something.

A few new toys to play with

I have just received one of my new toys; My Z-packs cuben fiber poncho. It weighs exactly 5 ounces! I is a poncho, pack cover, ground cloth, etc. I am sure I can come up with a least 2 more uses for it.

New Gadgets!

Hey everyone, got a few new gadgets I want to play with over the next few weeks:

Roll over stove – itty bitty, gram-light, pressurized stove!  This stove was created especially for beer can pots, like the Heinie pot, Fosters pot and the Molsen’ 25 oz pot, but it does work with other pots.  So far in prelim testing, It will bring 2 cups of cold water to a full boil on 2/3 oz of SLX denatured alcohol  in under 6 minutes!  Nice.

Aluminum ring to outfit my Foster’s can. Still working on this one

Lid for the above.  Lid also fits my MSR titan cup

All these items come from Smokeeater908: see below