As a good friend of mine once said:  “Making a living gets in the way of life”. Boy was he right!  Where to start to update this page.

In 2012 and 2013 I managed 22 and 20 nights under the stars, respectively.  In 2012, my friend Rumble and I hiked a section of the AT from Caledonia State Park south to Harpers Ferry.  The weather was perfect!  We did not hike the AT this past year.  In 2012, I hiked several hikes with some wonderful people I met through  The nicest folks you would ever want to meet.  In 2013, it was mostly just my dog Ivy and I.  I did hike a couple of times with my friend Fred and a couple time with Rumble. 

I made it to the Fall MAHHA (stands for Mid-Atlantic Hammock Hangers Association).  I was obligated to go, since it was being held at Watoga State Park here is the beautiful state of West Virginia.  I had the most wonderful time and met some totally awesome people!

Well, signing off for tonight.


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