Took a nice backpack trip in the Dolly Sods North Wilderness area.  Days in the 70’s and humid.  The night was comfortable, in the 40’s.  Beautiful hike on day via the Bear Rock Trail to Raven Ridge Trail and then cutting off onto the Beaver View Trail to Dobbin Grade Trail.  headed westerly on the Dobbin Grade Trail to a nice campsite in the spruces just a short way from the Left Fork of Red Creek. Wonderful night!  Critters heard:  night hawks, lots of spring peepers and other frogs, beavers slapping their tails on the pond, an owl, geese, ducks, red squirrels. Had a leisurely breakfast the next morning.  Packed up and headed on up Dobbin Grade Trail to Rocky Ridge Trail (AKA Cabin Mtn Trail) and headed towards Raven Ridge Trail and then backtracked to the Jeep on Bear Rocks Trail.  Very beautiful walk.  Weather was just about perfect.  Trail conditions were very good;  not muddy, trails clear of trees, bushes, etc., stream crossings good.  Trails in this area are well marked and easy to follow.  Not a lot of elevation change for this loop.  This would be a great route to take a beginning hiker on.

Remember: LEAVE NO TRACE.  No one wants to see trash in fire rings and food wrappers left in campsites can lead to bear and other critter problems at these sites.  Keep a clean camp and save a bear’s life.


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